Belated meals #20160330

Step one: step into your time machine.

Step two: set date to 3/28/2016.

Step three: POP! Fizz! Sizzle!

Step four: time machine is broken, so just write your meal plan three days late.

  • Monday Soy & sesame chicken, broccoli, rice and dumplings. There was a very vocal protest that this had not been dinner in the past 6 days, so it happened again. The dumpling mob has been satisfied.
  • Tuesday Friendsdinner, and it wasn’t my night. Next week is my meal, so we’ll see what happens. What would you cook for 16 people?
  • Wednesday Spicy smothered chicken, red potatoes, and green beans.
  • Thursday Cheese burgers! Fries and salad on the side.
  • Friday Chicken Parmesan, pasta, garlic bread and broccoli.

For those of you following along, I did indeed make rolls on Sunday. However… They still need work. The seasonings were 2 tsp each of rosemary and oregano, along with 4 cloves of minced garlic, 1 Tbs minced onion, and 1 tsp garlic powder. The dough was a bit on the dry side, so the rolls ended up being more dense than I would have liked, and I may have overmixed them a bit. Also, rolling them in butter rather than olive oil didn’t do the crust of the rolls any favors. This Sunday I’ll mess with the ratios again and report back.



Rolls! Also meals #20160321

I updated last week’s plan, but I saved the best part for right here. On Sunday I made a bunch of bean/rice/veggie soup for my week’s lunches, and then made a meatloaf/potato/green beans/rolls feast for dinner. I was really impressed with how the rolls turned out, so I wanted to share the secrets. The main “secret” is that I finally tried a recipe from my Kitchenaid cookbook (I think it’s this one). I made the sixty minute rolls, but of course since I had time I just had to mess with it.

After following Kitchenaid’s recipe all the way through the mixing directions, I coated the ball of dough in olive oil, and added a bunch of stuff. I got the idea to mix in the olive oil from my favorite pizza dough, and for the mix-ins I added about 1/3 cup red onions (that I’d already cooked and set aside, but I’ll add more next time), one minced clove of garlic (more next time), about 1 tsp each of dried rosemary and oregano (more next time), and a dash of garlic powder.

I kneaded the dough to get the mix-ins all incorporated, let it double in size, and then set to work on my rolls. I prepped two muffin tins with cooking spray, then split the dough into 48 pieces. Rolled those in more olive oil, put two in each muffin cup, let them puff up a bit again, and baked til the top was lightly golden. When they were done, I brushed them with butter, sprinkled them with salt, and OH MY GOODNESS they were good. Crusty outside, soft pull-apart-deliciousness, and totally worth eating at least five in a sitting.

That’s all the excitement for now, but my plan is to re-make the rolls next week. I’ll up the amount of mix-ins, and will try to get some rough measurements jotted down.

  • Monday Chicken in white wine sauce, broccoli, rice and leftover dinner rolls. The rolls have been sealed up in a plastic bag (air sucked out) overnight, so the should still be pretty good. I may or may not slightly warm them up again before serving.
  • Tuesday Friendsdinner! Not my night to cook, but I hear it may be some sort of chicken-in-crockpot deliciousness.
  • Wednesday Fish tacos with cilantro/lime slaw and mango salsa. It’s supposed to be cold and snowy, so this dinner will help me pretend that it’s warming up a bit.
  • Thursday Chicken/broccoli/bell pepper alfredo with bowtie pasta. Garlic bread and some kind of balsamic-dressed salad on the side.
  • Friday Pasties! It’s always a good time to make a pasty, and I’ll already have the dough prepped in advance. This week will be delightfully filled with all sorts of crusty things. While pasties already have a small amount of veggies inside, I’ll still make a side of something green. Maybe asparagus if it looks good, or spinach if I don’t make it to the store.

I am still wrapping my head around the weekend plan, but I’m absolutely going to make the rolls again. Let me know if you have any suggestions for delicious sounding things. There’s a good possibility that I’ll top them with sesame seeds this time, but I’m definitely up for adding more goodness.