Just desserts #20161006

Why, hello there! We’ve been trucking along through summer/fall, and I’ve happily settled into a routine of batch cooking, shopping just a few days ahead, and not planning out a whole week at a time. But here we are again. Because I have dessert goals.

  1. Pumpkin pie. It’s been requested by the 7-year-old-dear-God-where-has-the-time-gone-he’s-gigantic. It’s his favorite, he’s been asking politely for weeks, I have ALL the ingredients, and there’s just no excuse to not make it.
  2. Apple crisp! I made an apple pie last week (or maybe before then), and while it was well received, I personally was underwhelmed. On to apple crisp, which I will eat any time of the day or night.
  3. All the cookies. It’s the time of year when I love having frozen (but still homemade) cookie dough on hand. I make them into the proper sized little disks, freeze them, and then can bake off however many I want to at a time. I’m definitely making both chocolate chip, and chocolate with peanut butter chips, but I may add in another variety as well.
  4. Cheesecake! I received an Instant Pot, which is an electronic pressure cooker. Very stable. Very reliable. Very good at making cheesecakes. I even have mini mason jars for individual servings and gifting. I just need to DO IT, and then eat all the non-gifted cheesecakes.

That’s it for now! What desserts on your to-make or to-eat list? Tell me, or better yet, share some with me.


Meal Plan #20150929

I have a problem, my dear internet friends. I’ve been documenting and (mostly) executing a meal plan for some time now. I started this here blog-thing back in March of 2014, and was (mostly) planning out my menu for a number of years before then. The problem is that I have yet to consistently have leftovers in my fridge. I want and need leftovers because:

  1. Breakfast. Savory breakfasts are THE BEST.
  2. Lunch. Grab and go is a must.
  3. Motivation wanes. I’d like to have a hodge-podge-leftover-buffet-o-rama once in a while.
  4. Hanger. It’s real, and it’s deadly.

So! With that in mind, I’m attempting to tweak my meal plan. Be prepared for more lists.

  • Monday Pasta with turkey andouille sausage, spinach, red and yellow peppers, onions, garlic, and a cream sauce. Salad on the side. I thought I would have leftover pasta and I was wrong. SIGH.
  • Tuesday Today I think I can’t help but have leftovers. Here’s what’s cooking: I already have potatoes in my slow cooker for twice baked potatoes. This alone should make dinner come together relatively quickly. The rest of dinner will be chicken in a red wine sauce, baked shrimp, Red Lobster Biscuits (aka the most delicious box mix on the planet), and broccoli.
  • Wednesday Stew in a slow cooker. Bonus: leftovers will freeze beautifully.
  • Thursday This will be ground turkey day. Doesn’t that sound glamorous? Either it will be meaty-turkey-marinara with garlic bread, or mega-loaded-turkey-burgers. Brussels sprouts on the side. Please ignore the fact that there’s no good way to have turkey burger leftovers, I’m hoping my fridge will be sufficiently stocked up at this point.
  • Friday Fried day. After approximately 10,324 requests, I’m making fried chicken. Side dishes are still up in the air, because I’m busy freaking out about having to fry. Maybe green beans and fresh rolls? I don’t know. I’m still freaking out about this.

Also important, but not necessarily part of my menu planning are… Desserts! I made brownies this week, and they were pretty good. I think I need to tweak the recipe and swap in a better chocolate powder. Sorry Hershey’s. I’m also planning to test a part-whole-wheat-flour version of this German apple cake.

The new Saturday plan

Newsflash! Update!

I haven’t figured out how I want to update previous posts yet, so let’s do a whole new post. Cool? Cool. I’m glad we had this talk.

Yesterday, I unintentionally undermined date night. The Man and I were supposed to have an evening together, but I forgot and agreed to have the boys over Saturday night. I mean, how could you possibly keep your normal plans when you could have more of this in your life?


They’re nerds. And I love it. Now, I’m planning our extended time together! I told The Man, and he was surprisingly not mad at all. He suggested yard camping with our boys. Usually they get picked up around 3:30PM, so having the whole day gives us a lot more freedom.

So! Here is our tentative Saturday agenda:

    • Breakfast: Pancakes, and savory sausage french toast, and fruit, oh my!
    • Tent set up- because we’re camping in our back yard Saturday night. Shenanigans are highly likely.
    • Lunch: Cheeseburgers on homemade buns, with fruit & veggies of some sort.
    • Afternoon Extravaganza! First we head to Sea Life at the Mall of America, where we have a year long pass. Then, if we can get away without going to LegoLand, we’ll have indoor play time at Adventure Peak.
    • Dinner: I’m not sure yet. Maybe brats? Maybe roasting marshmallows for dessert? I’ll report back next week.
    • Evening: Yard camping! Yee haw! So far it looks like the weather will cooperate. I don’t plan on telling the boys, on the off chance that we get rained out. We’re not especially hard core about yard camping through the rain.

So that’s it! The entire update! Sunday morning will be cold cereal, then church. I’m excited for the weekend now, so that should make the week fly by. What kind of weekend plans do you get excited about?