Belated meals #20160330

Step one: step into your time machine.

Step two: set date to 3/28/2016.

Step three: POP! Fizz! Sizzle!

Step four: time machine is broken, so just write your meal plan three days late.

  • Monday Soy & sesame chicken, broccoli, rice and dumplings. There was a very vocal protest that this had not been dinner in the past 6 days, so it happened again. The dumpling mob has been satisfied.
  • Tuesday Friendsdinner, and it wasn’t my night. Next week is my meal, so we’ll see what happens. What would you cook for 16 people?
  • Wednesday Spicy smothered chicken, red potatoes, and green beans.
  • Thursday Cheese burgers! Fries and salad on the side.
  • Friday Chicken Parmesan, pasta, garlic bread and broccoli.

For those of you following along, I did indeed make rolls on Sunday. However… They still need work. The seasonings were 2 tsp each of rosemary and oregano, along with 4 cloves of minced garlic, 1 Tbs minced onion, and 1 tsp garlic powder. The dough was a bit on the dry side, so the rolls ended up being more dense than I would have liked, and I may have overmixed them a bit. Also, rolling them in butter rather than olive oil didn’t do the crust of the rolls any favors. This Sunday I’ll mess with the ratios again and report back.



Blog neglect #20160224

Hello there! In case you haven’t noticed, I accidentally waited 15 days between posts. Oops. I fell off of the meal planning wagon, my son Darian turned 7 years old(!!), and now I’m ready to atone for my sins. By publishing a very late “plan” for this week. Enjoy!

  • Monday The kids said this didn’t even really count as a dinner, but I maintain that we were being fancy and having courses. Course one: baby bell peppers, carrots, and dip. Course two: cheese ravioli in tomato sauce. Course three: lemon pepper chicken with more lemon juice after it was done cooking. Ok, so maybe “fancy” was a stretch, but it was still a full meal.
  • Tuesday Darian’s bday! My mom took us out to a Chinese buffet. We would have gone to an Old Country Buffet, but they closed nearly all of them. Rest In Peace OCB, my kids will greatly miss your Coke Freestyle machine, ICEE machine, and endless desserts.
  • Wednesday Nooooooo kiddddddddds. For dinner anyway. Which means I’m making cheeseburgers and salad, and if any of you tell them then YOU have to make them cheeseburgers. Cause I’m not doing it.
  • Thursday Chicken stir fry, veggies, and white rice. I’m not capable of going one week without making this, even when we have clearly just gone to a buffet on Tuesday.
  • Friday Breakfast for dinner! Very likely that I’ll add in veggies and store bought fried chicken. The boys will be fresh off a day at the slopes (non school day, so their ski/snowboard club is doing an all day trip), and will be super hungry. This is also a way to break it to them that we won’t have time for our usual big breakfast on Saturday morning.
  • Saturday LASER TAG BIRTHDAY PARTY! We’ll start the day with toast, scrambled eggs, and apple slices. The b-day madness is from 10AM to 1PM, and will include a pizza lunch. I expect to collapse from exhaustion at approximately 4:32PM.
  • Sunday I’m making soup for the week, and I really mean it this time.

That’s all folks. Now please excuse me while I run around like crazy, trying to get favor bags ready for the Saturday extravaganza.

Belated #20151209

What’s the cure for falling off the meal planning wagon? Jumping on the meal planning donkey instead. This is me. Jumping on the donkey.

Exciting news everyone, yesterday I hosted my friendsdinner, and I didn’t die at all! I didn’t make any dessert either, but I can try to squeeze that in next time. Here’s what has happened, and what will happen.

  • Monday Spicy stir fried chicken, with extra turmeric, and a soy/sesame/ginger/honey sauce over rice. Garlicky brussels sprouts mixed with broccoli on the side.
  • Tuesday The BIG meal. My turn to cook for our weekly friendsdinner. Two kinds of crockpot meatloaf, hasselback potatoes, mixed veggies and fresh veggies with dip, and good old store bought rosemary olive-oil bread.
  • Wednesday Minute steaks, spinach, and more of the rosemary olive-oil bread that didn’t get eaten. Possibly transformed into garlic bread.
  • Thursday Chicken, black bean, and butternut squash burritos with fresh salsa and guac. LOTS of guac.
  • Friday Pizza and a Christmas concert.
  • Saturday Cookie party! Thanks for the invite Casey!

Bleated plan post #20150909

Geeeeeez. First week of school! Here’s what has happened, and what will happen.

  • Monday Steaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak. Hasselback potatoes (again). Salad. I ended up seasoning the steak with Turmeric and cumin in addition to my usual Wee Willy’s Steak Formula. Oh me, oh my, it was so good.
  • Tuesday Chicken stirfry with even MORE turmeric, garlic, peppers, onion, soy, sesame oil and honey. Served over rice with broccoli on the side. Can you tell that turmeric has been a thing with me lately? It has. With plenty of black pepper.
  • Wednesday Cheese tortellini with marinara sauce and extra Parmesan. Green beans and garlic bread on the side. Today is meatless simply because I don’t have any thawed out, and I don’t want to go to the store.
  • Thursday Birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaay partyyyyyyyyyy! For my sweet little niece/cousin! I’m not sure the *exact* definition of the relationship, but I am sure that she is adorable and that I’m not cooking. That’s a win.
  • Friday Some kinda chicken and shrimp dish. I’m still sorting out the inspiration for this one… Maybe some kinda balsamic thing going on with the chicken? I know I’ll serve it with a green veggie and cheddar bay biscuits. You guys. I bought a box of the Red Lobster mix and I am crossing my fingers that it duplicates the real thing.
  • Saturday Brunch French toast, turkey sausage, some kinda fruit, and something else. Go big or go home.

That’s all for now, folks! Have a great week 🙂

Late! #20150123

Oh. My. Geez.

I am so late posting this. Sorry friends. So! This week hasn’t actually been planless, I’ve just horribly documented it. On paper. Which I’ve lost twice.


This week my Momma is in town from Chicago! Yay! And panic! And house cleaning! My life plan has pretty much revolved around this, basketball practice, and late night bathroom sink installs with my main squeeze. It *is* as romantic as it sounds.

So! Meal Plan!

  • Monday We ate something. One of these days was pasta with smoked sausage, peppers, onions and salad.
  • Tuesday We ate more things. One of these days was green curry/coconut milk/chicken with tons of veg over rice.
  • Wednesday Yep, more eating. For the life of me I can’t remember right now. Maybe we had burritos?
  • Thursday This one I actually remember! Chicken pot pie casserole with biscuits & green beans on the side. This is lunch today as well. Yum!
  • Friday Havin frands over! Woop! Corned beef with carrots and cabbage, boiled potatoes, salad, apple crumble & ice cream for dessert.
  • Saturday Basketball! Birthday party! Wooooo!
  • Sunday Soup and fresh baked bread. Prep for next week because this week has been madness.

Welp, that’s it folks! Question: If you were stranded on a dessert island, would it be made of popsicles or ice cream sandwiches? Get it?? Dessert. Not desert. Har.