Just Meals #20150811

Monday– We had fish n chips, with an appetizer of broccoli slaw. With all the dipping sauces. It was a pretty big hit, especially the sweet chili sauce.

Tuesday-  Chicken spring rolls with avocado, lettuce, and quick pickled veggies. It’s like a sushi roll fell in love with a salad, and then moved into a delicious rice paper home.

Wednesday- Pot roast, crusty bread, green beans on the side.

Thursday-  Grilled stuffed vegetarian burritos. Guac, salsa, and sour cream on the side, for maximum dipaliciousness.

Friday-  Pasta! Either chicken and broccoli alfredo, or a meaty marinara, depending on the mood of my diners. We’ll start with salad, and add garlic bread as appropriate.


Just Meals #20150330

Yes, I’m back to just posting meals. Also! I thought I posted this yesterday, and then did not.

Even after scrolling through my past weeks and perusing my pinterest boards, I am left somewhat uninspired this week. Any tips or ideas much appreciated, as usual. I promise I will try to not interrupt you the entire time you are talking, but no guarantees.

  • Monday Pastys! I actually made them! I had the dough all ready to go, so it was just whipping up the filling, putting it into the oven, and adding a side salad. After this my inspiration fails.
  • Tuesday Chicken & pasta alfredo with broccoli on the side.
  • Wednesday Fish sandwiches, toasted buns, lettuce and tzatziki sauce. It’s a delicious change from traditional tartar sauce, you should try it some time. Green beans on the side.
  • Thursday Chicken curry. Again. I think. This may change into chicken burritos depending on my mood. This will likely change to chicken burritos. Ok, this has changed to chicken burritos.
  • Friday Brats, corn on the cob, Brussels sprouts. Spell check keeps making me capitalize the “b” in Brussels. Is that even correct?
  • Weekend Brunch brunch brunch brunch more brunch!

That is that. Again, please please  send me all your meal ideas

Meals and More #20150303

So here’s the thing- I usually try to post this on Mondays. “Why is that” asked no one. Here’s why: it starts my week with a I-got-this-handled kinda feeling. Even when I don’t exactly have it handled. It’s my virtual security blanket of meal planning, and adds a very necessary everything-is-going-to-be-ok-because-dinner-is-scheduled-kinda-feeling. That’s a real thing.


Last week, on my son’s sixth birthday, his great aunt Barbara passed away. She had been having health issues for the past few years, so it wasn’t entirely unexpected, but it still hit me pretty hard. The viewing was Saturday, then I ended up having the boys and a friend sleep over that night, and the funeral with Sunday. This has taken the stuffing right out of me, and I expect to be discombobulated for some time.

Positives: time with family, planning a trip to visit my Grandma Garvey this Wednesday/Thursday/Friday during Darian’s spring break, and a job that is about as caring and understanding as they come. I didn’t get much done in the way of grocery shopping for my week, but between the meat I have in the freezer and the 6-8 pounds of veggies left over from the massive veggie tray I made, I should be set.

Here’s the meal plan:

  • Monday We had make-up burgers, fries, and brussels sprouts. (Darian was too sick to his stomach to eat his birthday burgers last week, and threw up all over his bed in the middle of the night. Fun times.)
  • Tuesday Chicken Curry over rice, with plenty of leftovers to stock the fridge while I’m gone.
  • Wednedsay We hit the road around noon! Meals in Appleton, WI to be determined.
  • Thursday In Appleton all day ❤ ❤
  • Friday Driving back to St. Paul in the afternoon, probably having dinner on the road.
  • Saturday Brunch with my boys, laundry, burritos for dinner, then a ladies painting night in NE Minneapolis.
  • Sunday Beef stew, grocery shopping, meal prep, maybe roasting a chicken.

There, now I feel more like a normal person. Or at least more like my normal.

Thanks internet.

Stop. Breathe. #20150203


Ever feel like you’re completely unfocused? Cause I feel like I’m completely unfocused. Also, I would like to just lie in bed all day and night, watch Netflix, and eat pizza rolls. The only problem is I can’t lie in bed all day and night, I have stuff to do, and I don’t have any pizza rolls.


So! Meal plan. Menu plan. That.

  • Monday Teriyaki chicken with carrots and peapods, served over white rice with a side of broccoli. Felt a bit like a cop out, but the boys were thrilled.
  • Tuesday Today! Steak taco bowls, fresh salsa, guac. Enough fresh jalapenos to burn off my face. By steak I mean stir fry sliced beef with taco-type seasoning. It’s pretty tasty.
  • Wednesday Greek chicken pitas (chicken marinated in Greek dressing for about thirty minutes, then broiled) with feta and tzatziki sauce, salad in the pitas for the adults, side salad for the kiddo. Basketball practice!!
  • Thursday Breakfast for dinner. Smoked sausage, pancakes, fruit, eggs.
  • Friday  Lasagna- that I already have in my freezer and just needs to go in the oven! Sides will be mixed veggies & garlic bread.
  • Weekend My friend is having a *true* potluck! With zero planning and/or coordinating. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time.

There you have it. I still hope to lie around and watch Netflix in the near future. Maybe with some nachos instead of pizza rolls, because I have the stuff for that.

Holiday Explosion #20141202

So hey! Weeks of cooking, eating, and Thanksgiving happened. And I’m still eating delicious leftovers. We had smoked turkey, deep fried turkey, greens, and a rib roast. And too many other sides to possibly name. So! Here are a few wonderful things I’ve done with my cooking-life lately, and a few things I still hope to do.

  • Cooked greens! And by greens, I mean 7 (!) bunches of turnip, 7 (!) bunches of mustard, two smoked turkey drumsticks, a butt load of garlic, and 4 packs of frozen spinach. Slow cooker for the turkey and their broth. Blanching of all the bunches. Spinach added in later. Also onion, butter, red pepper flakes, pickled jalapeno, and seasoned salt. And pepper. And I’m probably forgetting something else but it all came together in a big pot of deliciousness.
  • Leftovers? Leftovers! I don’t usually need to mess with them much, but I just have to share this delicious twist: Pasta Alfredo with smoked turkey, sauteed broccoli on the side. So so so good. I have to find a way to con my friends into having turkey-smoking-parties more often.
  • Turkey Enchiladas. These absolutely have to happen, and my turkey supply is dwindling. With the green sauce. And allllll the sides.
  • Crockpot meatloaf. I did this. Step one: mix up your favorite meatloaf recipe when you go home for your lunch break, because you’re the luckiest person on the planet and work 5 minutes from your front door. Step two: put it in the slow cooker for 3.5 hours. Step three: ta daaaa!
  • Birthday. I am turning the big 3-1 on Thursday. Woop! This isn’t cooking related, except that I’m pretty sure it will mean that I be making a chocolate cake.
  •  Burgers. These are definitely happening this week to break up all the poultry. Topped with cooked onions/garlic/pickled peppers, then cheese. Toasted buns. Some kinda corn. Some kinda fresh salad. Maybe they will be…. Birthday Burgers!

In other news, I have done zero percent of my holiday shopping. Yikes.