Groceryless and Planless #20151116

How on earth do I keep doing this to myself?! Last week: no grocery shopping or planning was done. There was chaos. So guess what I did again? I neglected my grocery shopping/meal planning.

(Insert freaking out here)

The good things that took the place of grocery shopping include: Darian having a friend overnight on Friday. Kimathi having a GREAT first basketball game on Saturday, and getting the first points on the board. Getting treated to a new jacket without having to go to 10,000,000,000 different stores. Playing rockband with family. A really good service at my church. Having my nephew over to play & going to a park on Sunday afternoon.

I’m *trying* to focus on all the good stuff that was packed in the last week. I haven’t done any grocery shopping at all yet, but here’s what I’m hoping will happen.

  • Monday We are low on time today, and I’m drained x 10. So either we are picking something up on the way home, or stopping at a grocery store so I can get ingredients for minute steak sandwiches. Like Martha’s but with soft bread. Salad on the side.
  • Tuesday Dinner with friends! It’s not my turn to cook this one.
  • Wednesday Tandoori chicken with mixed veggies. *Update* The chicken was ahhhhhhhhmazing. I doubled everything but the yogurt, purreed it in my blender, then covered double the requested chicken in it for like 40 minutes. Then I cooked it in a couple batches it in a hot/oiled skillet. I probably more than tripped the turmeric, because it’s delicious.
  • Thursday Beef & broccoli stir-fry over rice. Dumplings on the side.
  • Friday  The Gathering at ARTS-Us, in partnership with the KAYSC. This happens every third Friday and provides a free community dinner. Join us some time!

(Insert more freaking out here)


Just meals #20151102

Falling back. Ugh.

  • Monday Semi-homemade takeout. Teriyaki chicken, green beans, dumplings and rice.
  • Tuesday Fettuccine Alfredo, crispy shrimp and garlic bread on the side, plus salad with craisins and balsamic dressing  I didn’t make this because NONE of us were in the mood. Leftover potato soup for me with added broccoli, sandwich and veggies for the boy, and Ramen for D. Major cop out.
  • Wednesday Beef spring rolls with pickled veggies, avocado, and plenty of fresh herbs. Because it’s fresh and delicious, and it will maybe let me pretend that we’re still enjoying summer.
  • Thursday Chicken in red wine sauce, smashed garlic potatoes, cheddar bay biscuits, and broccoli. Fun facts: the smashed potatoes are different than mashed because a) I always make them with skin on red potatoes, b) I barely smash them with a fork rather than use a potato masher, so c) they retain more of their original form and texture.
  • Friday I’m in an evening meeting, so they are either fending for themselves or I’m making slow-cooker ravioli lasagna.

PS- I’ve had approximately 5 cups of coffee today, and while it doesn’t seem like it has worked yet, I’m sure that it will keep me up tonight til 2AM. For reference, I’m usually buzzed halfway through my second cup.

Tired post #20151019

Blarg. That’s a link. To a place that describes all about blarg. It is wonderful, and glorious, and is *nearly* enough to lift me out of the tired fog I am in today. The trip to visit family was equal parts amazing and exhausting.

This week snuck up on me, and while I’ve been quite productive in many ways I have yet to grocery shop. This means that this meal plan is subject to change, but I’m pretty sure about it anyway. Here we go!

  • Monday Burgers for dinner, because they help with the blarg. Caesar salad on the side. Edit: I also made some oven fries, and they definitely helped.
  • Tuesday Breakfast for dinner. Waffles, “snack steak” aka steak cut into strips where everyone gets a few, turkey sausage, strawberries and cantaloupe on the side.
  • Wednesday Chicken curry with veggies.
  • Thursday Beef potroast, boiled red potatoes on the side, green beans on the side.
  • Friday PTO fall festival at Darian’s school. They will have movies playing in the gym, and a sign up for get together events.  Dinner will be whatever they are selling 🙂

Weekend cooking is definitely going to happen. I’m not sure just what it will be yet, but I’ll be brewing ideas through the week and will update you all next week. If you have any wonderful/weird blarg stories or memes, please do share them in the comments and help brighten up my day. Related: there needs to be a blarg emoji.

Meal Plan #20151006

Life sure is a lot like life right now. Which means that there are about 20 different things going on, some good, some sad, some that are just plain exhausting.

  • Monday There was no cooking. Because my son put a dried pinto bean in his ear, and getting that out took the whole evening. Apparently it’s not as uncommon as it should be. The lesson is thoroughly learned.
  • Tuesday  Fried chicken. It’s really happening today, because the drums are marinating and that means that I can’t put it off anymore. I am armed with an oil thermometer, and a fire extinguisher. Sides will be dirty rice and brussels sprouts.
  • Wednesday Meatloaf-in-a-crock-pot, mashed potatoes, salad. This will all be made ahead, because it’s the funeral of my dear friend’s mom.
  • Thursday  Stir fried rice noodles with broccoli, carrots, and cabbage. Chicken with turmeric, black pepper, and ginger in a soy & sweet chili sauce. Dumplings on the side.
  • Friday Grilled stuffed burritos (like a chimichanga, but way less oil and no sauce on top), with guac, sour cream, and salsa on the side. Veggies everywhere. Chips for dipping.
  • Saturday Breakfast Pancakes, turkey sausage, and plenty of fruit.

This weekend, I’m adding in a cooking project. My plan is to put some smoked turkey legs to work. About half will be made into a hearty soup, some will be used with greens, and the remaining will be saved for breakfast sandwiches and freezer burritos. It will be the latest installment in an ever continuing quest for leftovers.

Planless #20150706

Sports are happening Monday, Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday of this week. Tuesday there are no kids. Friday is a cook-out at the drive in.

<Insert existential crisis here>

Also- being out of town til last night means there has been no grocery shopping. And today I have no time to grocery shop. Things I have on hand:

  • Broccoli
  • A few apples
  • Carrots
  • Rice noodles
  • Rice
  • A few partial chunks of cheese

<Insert screaming and crying here>

Meal Plan #20150504

I love seeing the boys have fun playing park sports, but this week practices start- Mondays and Wednesdays from 6PM to 7PM. Uhhhhhhhhm. That’s usually when I cook and we eat dinner. Because bed time is 8PM. This is going to be interesting.

  • Monday First practice today, and I totally didn’t plan right. I started a bulgogi marinade on a piece of sirloin yesterday, and was planning to serve it with rice and green beans. If I take a late lunch break I *think* I can run home and broil it up quickly. If I don’t get out of here in time, I’ll be making sandwiches and broiling beef after bed time.
  • Tuesday Shredded chicken burritos. Lots and lots and lots of guac. PS- the guac will be for dipping, because I always pan fry my burritos for extra deliciousness. By that I mean I spay notstick spray in a skillet, add a burrito, then spray the other side and flip it. Golden and slightly crunchy on the outside, oh so good and melty on the inside.
  • Wednesday For practice day two I actually have a solid plan! I made a meat sauce with ground turkey, red & yellow peppers, and some jarred pasta sauce over the weekend, and this will be that day. I’ll just boil up some pasta, throw the sauce on, and cross my fingers that they aren’t too messy eating it in the mini van on the way to baseball practice.
  • Thursday At this point I will be collapsed on the floor due to sheer exhaustion. So it’s going to be an improvised one-pan chicken, peppers and potatoes thing with lots of garlic (baked at 450 til done) and a salad on the side.
  • Friday We are going to the Science Museum with the boys- it’s the last weekend of TapeScape! I think this means we’ll treat ourselves to subway for dinner, but it may be a home-made picnic instead.

That’s all for now- please cross your fingers that I survive the week.

Just Meals #20150211

Blarg I say. Blarg!

  • Monday Chicken stirfry, rice, green beans.
  • Tuesday Burgers! Fixins!
  • Wednesday Coconut curry with more veggies, more chicken.
  • Thursday Crockpot meatloaf, mashed potatoes, caesar salad. Did I mention that due to electrical difficulties, I have a stovetop but no oven?
  • Friday Something! I want it to be fish, but no oven! Waaaaaaaaaah!

I repeat: Blarg.