Writing about writing #20170607

“Write like it matters, and it will.” Wise and weighty words from Libba Bray. I’m struggling under their weight today. I have many topics I want to start writing about, but I feel more than a little overwhelmed by the responsibility. I want to process these ideas with you- whoever you are. If the topic applies to you, I want to hear your side of it. I’m nervous about making a statement that excludes something important, I’m pretty sure that I’m going to end an important discussion by not introducing a topic correctly.

Currently,  The Big Topics are on a list that includes much more than the following:

Building community through shared meals (or other routines, or camping)

Simple acts of care during crisis

Something about Hospice care- more about loved ones dying

Raising a feminist son- more on being a white mom when your kids are not white

Depression and loneliness, or “asking for help is the only way to kill it, so why is is so hard to ask for help”

I don’t feel like The Big Topics aren’t entirely mine to write about, so how do I start? Do just put my ideas out there? Do I awkwardly interview others to get their input and perspective? Do I hop down The Google Rabbit Hole and see where I end up? Too often, The Big Topics are often overpowered by the ever-growing too-trivial-to-share writing list:

What to cook and eat when your kids have sports five days a week

Yesterday I felt-like-a-rage-monster, but it’s ok because today I feel-like-a-mom-again

I cleaned my bathroom and now I feel like I deserve a celebratory metal

I cooked a giant batch of vegan lentil and veggie soup, it’s all I’m eating for lunch and I’m pretty sure it’s giving me super powers

Seriously, eat more lentils, your poops will amaze you

Harry Potter: the best bedtime story in the history of the world

I’ve drowned myself in Google results, trying to narrow down the “how to start writing” results to the specific kind of writing I’m not doing. I’ve read what feels like hundreds of pages, but all the scrolling could be making it feel more substantial than it actually is. That last sentence is making me second guess my grammar, and I instantly want to close out of this post. Relegate it to the never-visited “drafts” section of this website. My ratio of drafts to posts is in the double digits at least, but I don’t want to do the math and find out how many times I’ve stopped writing.

So how do I start? Do I really just hit Publish and let this post drift off into oblivion? I think I’m going to try and take Walter Mosley’s advice, but in a more public way and certainly not for a novel. I’ll call this my first draft, and also a call for help.

I want to start working through my list, but I sure as hell don’t want to do it alone. Please, please join me. I’m sharing this with you and asking for your help. If you have an anecdote or story, I want to hear it. If you think I didn’t word something properly, or if I need to give something more clarity, I want to hear it.

I’m not entirely sure how to feel about all of this, so rather than mull it over any longer and change my mind, I’m hitting Publish. Yikes.




Hello there, 2017

Happpppy New Year! I don’t have any resolutions to share this year, which I regret a bit. More and more I hear people extolling the benefits of “starting now”, not waiting for a new year, and  I agree to a certain point. The thing is, I also enjoy the tradition of setting a goal at the start of the year. It’s definitely not necessary, but it’s kind of fun to have a date to look back on and proclaim that “this was the year I started to X,” or “this was the year that I made Y a habit.”

In review 2016 was both wonderful and heartbreaking. My wonderful Grandma Kate passed away, and I still miss her so very much. She survived my Grandpa much longer than she would have liked, and it’s been a shock to not have any maternal grandparents remaining. In 2016, there were so many positives to balance things out. My kid got glasses, and broke them only twice. My close group of friends went camping and cabining multiple times, and had our Friendsdinner nearly every week (though it moved from Tuesdays to Mondays). We added a loving puppy to our family, and named him Gunter.


I’m not sure what the future of this intermittently-maintained site will be. I’ve started to lean more towards meal-prep than formal meal plans, deciding at the time of cooking how to best use the week’s ration of chicken, beef, rice etc. There are still times I miss the routine of planning things out, but more and more I don’t really want to document how often we end up eating the same stir-fry, burgers, spaghetti, and burritos.

In 2016, I tried, failed, and tried again to be mindful of how I spend my time, patience, and other resources. In 2017 I’m sure I’ll do more of the same, but perhaps with additional jazz hands for emphasis.

Just meals #20151102

Falling back. Ugh.

  • Monday Semi-homemade takeout. Teriyaki chicken, green beans, dumplings and rice.
  • Tuesday Fettuccine Alfredo, crispy shrimp and garlic bread on the side, plus salad with craisins and balsamic dressing  I didn’t make this because NONE of us were in the mood. Leftover potato soup for me with added broccoli, sandwich and veggies for the boy, and Ramen for D. Major cop out.
  • Wednesday Beef spring rolls with pickled veggies, avocado, and plenty of fresh herbs. Because it’s fresh and delicious, and it will maybe let me pretend that we’re still enjoying summer.
  • Thursday Chicken in red wine sauce, smashed garlic potatoes, cheddar bay biscuits, and broccoli. Fun facts: the smashed potatoes are different than mashed because a) I always make them with skin on red potatoes, b) I barely smash them with a fork rather than use a potato masher, so c) they retain more of their original form and texture.
  • Friday I’m in an evening meeting, so they are either fending for themselves or I’m making slow-cooker ravioli lasagna.

PS- I’ve had approximately 5 cups of coffee today, and while it doesn’t seem like it has worked yet, I’m sure that it will keep me up tonight til 2AM. For reference, I’m usually buzzed halfway through my second cup.

Tired post #20151019

Blarg. That’s a link. To a place that describes all about blarg. It is wonderful, and glorious, and is *nearly* enough to lift me out of the tired fog I am in today. The trip to visit family was equal parts amazing and exhausting.

This week snuck up on me, and while I’ve been quite productive in many ways I have yet to grocery shop. This means that this meal plan is subject to change, but I’m pretty sure about it anyway. Here we go!

  • Monday Burgers for dinner, because they help with the blarg. Caesar salad on the side. Edit: I also made some oven fries, and they definitely helped.
  • Tuesday Breakfast for dinner. Waffles, “snack steak” aka steak cut into strips where everyone gets a few, turkey sausage, strawberries and cantaloupe on the side.
  • Wednesday Chicken curry with veggies.
  • Thursday Beef potroast, boiled red potatoes on the side, green beans on the side.
  • Friday PTO fall festival at Darian’s school. They will have movies playing in the gym, and a sign up for get together events.  Dinner will be whatever they are selling 🙂

Weekend cooking is definitely going to happen. I’m not sure just what it will be yet, but I’ll be brewing ideas through the week and will update you all next week. If you have any wonderful/weird blarg stories or memes, please do share them in the comments and help brighten up my day. Related: there needs to be a blarg emoji.

Planless #20150706

Sports are happening Monday, Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday of this week. Tuesday there are no kids. Friday is a cook-out at the drive in.

<Insert existential crisis here>

Also- being out of town til last night means there has been no grocery shopping. And today I have no time to grocery shop. Things I have on hand:

  • Broccoli
  • A few apples
  • Carrots
  • Rice noodles
  • Rice
  • A few partial chunks of cheese

<Insert screaming and crying here>

Just Meals #20150211

Blarg I say. Blarg!

  • Monday Chicken stirfry, rice, green beans.
  • Tuesday Burgers! Fixins!
  • Wednesday Coconut curry with more veggies, more chicken.
  • Thursday Crockpot meatloaf, mashed potatoes, caesar salad. Did I mention that due to electrical difficulties, I have a stovetop but no oven?
  • Friday Something! I want it to be fish, but no oven! Waaaaaaaaaah!

I repeat: Blarg.

Stop. Breathe. #20150203


Ever feel like you’re completely unfocused? Cause I feel like I’m completely unfocused. Also, I would like to just lie in bed all day and night, watch Netflix, and eat pizza rolls. The only problem is I can’t lie in bed all day and night, I have stuff to do, and I don’t have any pizza rolls.


So! Meal plan. Menu plan. That.

  • Monday Teriyaki chicken with carrots and peapods, served over white rice with a side of broccoli. Felt a bit like a cop out, but the boys were thrilled.
  • Tuesday Today! Steak taco bowls, fresh salsa, guac. Enough fresh jalapenos to burn off my face. By steak I mean stir fry sliced beef with taco-type seasoning. It’s pretty tasty.
  • Wednesday Greek chicken pitas (chicken marinated in Greek dressing for about thirty minutes, then broiled) with feta and tzatziki sauce, salad in the pitas for the adults, side salad for the kiddo. Basketball practice!!
  • Thursday Breakfast for dinner. Smoked sausage, pancakes, fruit, eggs.
  • Friday  Lasagna- that I already have in my freezer and just needs to go in the oven! Sides will be mixed veggies & garlic bread.
  • Weekend My friend is having a *true* potluck! With zero planning and/or coordinating. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time.

There you have it. I still hope to lie around and watch Netflix in the near future. Maybe with some nachos instead of pizza rolls, because I have the stuff for that.