Darian’s turning 8! | Birthday menu

My son Darian is turning 8 and has denied my request to stop getting older. He thought I was kidding, but I really really want to squish 8-month-old-Darian again, and I don’t think the laws of the universe should prevent that.

Back to business. The soon-to-be-8-year-old-Darian originally wanted to go to Golden Corral for his birthday dinner, but last night he changed his mind and decided on a semi-homemade menu instead.

  • Teriyaki chicken I use chicken thighs, and make a sauce with Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki, sweet chili sauce, and peanut butter.
  • White rice I always keep a supply of Kokuho Rose rice, it’s my very favorite.
  • “Dry” ramen Darian’s favorite is Sapporo Ichiban original ramen, but mostly drained (1 or 2 tsp water left in) with about half of a seasoning packet.
  • Broccoli steamed, seasoned with butter, salt, and pepper. He didn’t actually request this, but I’m making him eat vegetables on his birthday.
  • Dumplings from Trader Joe’s- specifically their chicken gyoza potstickers, with dipping sauce on the side.
  • Reed’s extra ginger brew will be the beverage. Probably served in wine glasses because Darian thinks that makes it fancy 🙂
  • Oreo cake, barely homemade using this recipe, Breyers oreo ice cream on the side.

That’s it! This will come together pretty dang easily since the cake benefits from being made a day in advance. The timing won’t even be an issue, the only foreseeable hiccup is if Darian eats too much of his dinner and doesn’t want any cake. I’ll attempt to give him little portions, but if all else fails we’ll just sing to him and have him blow out candles before storing his cake in the fridge again.

I was trying to decide what I would want my birthday dinner to be, and I think we got it right last year by going out to Zen Box Izakaya. Previous years, I’ve gone to Salut on Grand (steak, calamari, all the drinks) and been ridiculously happy. I think since I make so many meals at home, the key to birthday happiness is going to a restaurant that I love. I don’t really want to meet a restaurant for the first time on my birthday, but I’m happy to make a few outings in the name of research.


I have a 6 year old! Five things #20150223

1) As of today, February 23, 2015, my boy is 6 years old. He’s reading everything in sight and he needs TWO hands to show you how old he is, which is positively unheard of. I asked him very kindly to stop growing up, but he would not agree. Sigh.

2) This will be a bit of a rant. I’ve been considering how I speak and write a bit lately. I’ve noticed a number of articles lately about removing the dreaded words “just” and “but” from your vocabulary. Personally, I don’t appreciate every sentence being as short, direct, and authoritative as possible. I like a modifier or two, and happen to think they can make things sound a bit more friendly.

Please let the record also show that I would rather see an exclamation point than an emoticon or “emphatic periods.” Why time.com would recommend those options over exclamation points completely beyond me.

Here’s the moral of my story: Yes, I do want to be more conscious of filler words and excessive punctuation. But no, I don’t like your approach or your results when you demand that we “must” eliminate words or use alternative punctuation. I feel like I should be in a rocking chair, yelling at these folks to get off my yard and waving a hardcover copy of The Elements of Style.

3) Meals! Here’s the plan.

  • Monday Birthday burgers, fries, Caesar salad, and chocolate cake. Partyyyy!
  • Tuesday Red chicken curry with veg & rice. No kids- so extra spicy.
  • Wednesday Shredded beef burritos. With guacamole. Enough said.
  • Thursday Garlicky-chicken skillet, smashed & roasted red potatoes, spinach.
  • Friday Lasagna because it’s already in my freezer. Woop! Side dishes will most likely be broccoli & bread sticks.

4) In January I made three pies, and I haven’t made any yet this month. What does this mean, you may ask? It means that to keep my new year’s resolution, I need to make two pies this week. Two! I want to try my hand at some sort of chocolate pie. Potentially this chocolate satin pie with this cinnamon graham cracker crust OR this vanilla wafer cookie crust. The other pie will be apple, because I need to keep working on my recipe.

5) The end.