Meal Plan #20150615

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa. Hi Summer, I forgot how crazy you are. So apparently it’s been a month since my last confession. And by confession I mean my last meal plan/post type thing.

Where does the time all go? It goes into work and raising children. Speaking of which, 3/7 days of the week are dedicated to sports right now. I can’t even tell you how much I can’t even. I literally can’t. Even. (ha)

So! Here’s the plan:

  • Monday Guess what? I already have beef chuck in the slow cooker, so I feel like I’m Monday’s boss. Woooooot. It’s going to be shredded beef sandwiches with green beans on the side for dinner tonight. (sports night 1/3)
  • Tuesday I. Don’t. Know. Shrimp summer rolls maybe? Super Mega Greek Salad? Something with freshness.
  • Wednesday Chicken and broccoli alfredo! Yum! (sports night 2/3)
  • Thursday Shredded beef burritos. Revamped beef chuck from Monday- heated up with salsa and cumin. Delicious! (sports night 3/3)
  • Friday Lasagna and a green salad.
  • Weekend Father’s day shenanigans. BIG brunch with cheesy potatoes, steak, bacon, waffles, fresh fruits, and more.

Welp! That’s all I have! Have a great week everyone, and please send me all your menu ideas. Please. All of them.


Author: Liz in St. Paul

A good crust, with many tender layers. Marketing, mothering, and butter to name a few.

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